Racism, anti-Semitism, and Misogyny in the Makeup Community

The first high-end makeup product I ever purchased was the Kat von D tattoo liner. I had never heard a whisper of controversy about Kat von D at the time. Years later, I came to learn of von D’s alleged history of anti-Semitism and I was horrified that I’d ever given her a dime. InContinue reading “Racism, anti-Semitism, and Misogyny in the Makeup Community”

Independence, Body Ownership, and Makeup

My first boyfriend hated it when I wore makeup. Granted, this was 2011, when I wore such a horrific shade of foundation that my face glowed under the backlights at laser tag (yes, that actually happened), but my makeup made me feel good about myself. However, he didn’t like it, and he told me thatContinue reading “Independence, Body Ownership, and Makeup”

Affordable Makeup for an Easy, Natural Look

When I started dabbling in makeup, I was too nervous to spend more than a few dollars on a product. I was always terrified I might buy something expensive and hate it (I didn’t yet know about Ulta’s bomb return policy, unfortunately.) The good news is that you can get a full face of amazingContinue reading “Affordable Makeup for an Easy, Natural Look”

The Stigma of Makeup

“She’s too young for makeup.” “You don’t need makeup, you’re beautiful.” “I like a girl with natural beauty.” I think every woman ever has heard some variation of these phrases. Hell, some of us have probably said them ourselves. The purpose of this blog isn’t to chastise people who share these common mentalities surrounding makeup.Continue reading “The Stigma of Makeup”

Tati Westbrook, the coronavirus, and privilege

If you haven’t seen Tati Westbrook’s latest Youtube video, do yourself a favor and just… don’t. I cannot believe I sat through 19 minutes of a grown ass woman telling me that coronavirus is like a new birth because “corona” means crown and crowning is what babies do when they’re born. Yes, she actually saidContinue reading “Tati Westbrook, the coronavirus, and privilege”

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